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Soft grip pressure is the key to great putting.

Soft grip pressure is the key to great putting – Short Game Saturday #85

Soft grip pressure is the key to great putting – Short Game Saturday #85

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Sometimes I learn things about my own game while I am teaching.  This week I was giving a putting lesson and told the student to grip the putter lightly.  To demonstrate I took the putter, held it between my thumb and index finger and swung the putter back and through like a pendulum.  This is a great way to understand that it is the weight of the putter head that swings the putter, not the player. Once the student got the concept he started to hole some six footers consistently.

By gripping the putter very lightly, and allowing the weight of the putter to swing through, you will get a real sense of a putting “stroke” and not a putting “hit.”

This is a drill you can do either on your carpet at home or the putting green.  If you notice that your putts are coming up short because of the softer stroke, just make a longer arc.  Don’t speed up the putter head. 

When you first start working on this drill, do not pick a target.  Putt on the carpet or green to a random area.  First, get the feel of the pendulum stroke.  Once you have that feeling, move to aiming at the hole and work on your speed control. You will notice that it is far easier to keep the putter face square to the intended line as well.  Get out there and get to work!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Soft grip pressure is the key to great putting – Short Game Saturday #85

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