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Straight Lead Arm - Technical Thursday #68

Straight Lead Arm – Technical Thursday #68.

Straight Lead Arm – Technical Thursday #68.

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A great question this week from one of my followers.  “Do you need to keep the left arm straight on the backswing?”  There are really two answers to this.  Find out right here!

Keeping the lead Arm Straight on the Backswing.

By keeping the lead arm straight on the backswing, you create a coil.  The coil is critical to creating speed on the downswing by uncoiling.  I’ll use a baseball pitcher as an example.  If a baseball pitcher did not have a coil but threw the ball from a standing position, he would have no velocity. (and wouldn’t be playing in the Major Leagues.)  He coils on the backswing and uncoils by shifting his weight to the front leg and has a rapid body rotation!  Not unlike a golf swing.

How far should the backswing go?

As far as you can take it without breaking the lead arm.  When you get to a point where the lead arm is straight, and you cannot turn any more, that is the top of your backswing. Many golfers think you need a long backswing to hit the ball a long way.  Not true.  It would help if you had width and coil.  Both can be accomplished with a straight lead arm!

Keeping the lead Arm Straight on the Follow-Through.

The lead arm also stays straight on the follow-through.  We call it the extension.  This is the accuracy part of the golf swing.  The longer you keep the clubhead online to the target, the straighter you will hit the ball.  The wider arc also adds a bit more clubhead speed!  Go and play and enjoy your newfound power!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Straight Lead Arm – Technical Thursday #68.

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