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Playing links golf is a unique experience.

Playing links golf is a unique experience.

Playing links golf is a unique experience.

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I absolutely love playing links golf!  Every year I take a group to either Scotland or Ireland, or South Africa.  To experience links golf at its finest.  I was head professional at Humewood Golf Club in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  A true links course.  About which the great Bobby Locke once said: “The British Open should be played here every year!”  

Links golf gives you many options for playing a shot.  

You can play the “bump and run,” landing the ball short of the green and letting it run on.  You can pitch it all the way to the flag and make it stop.  Or you can play a combination of the two.  Fun stuff!  Add the elements like wind and rain, and you have all the tests of your skills you will ever want!  Fellow South African Frank Thomas, formally the Technical Director of the USGA, gives us his insights into playing links golf!

Here are three tips to successfully navigate the links:

Playing links golf is an art

Learn how to bump and run. It will save you strokes.

Watch the Wind.

One of the major challenges of links golf is the wind.  You need to learn to control the height of your shots.  Before you play, work on punch shots and bump and runs which will enable you to direct your shots more effectively

Beware the Bunkers:

Remember on links courses that bunkers have an extensive catchment area, made up of slopes that will collect your ball and deposit it in the sand. Additionally the bunkers on links courses have steep walls, so prepare for this by learning to pop the ball up out of the sand. Do not be afraid to hit sideways out of a bunker.  Grab your sand wedge and get your ball back on the fairway.

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Source:  Frankly Golf  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Frankly Golf   John Mundy

Thanks for reading – Playing links golf is a unique experience.  I love playing links golf, and I hope you get the chance as well!

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