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Full Swing Uphill Lie - Trouble Shot Tuesday #56.

Full Swing Uphill Lie – Trouble Shot Tuesday #56.

Full Swing Uphill Lie – Trouble Shot Tuesday #56.

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David Olberding, the lead instructor at the Mel Sole Golf School, discusses a request from golf school student Andrew Fisher.  Andrew wants to know how to play an uphill lie with the full swing.  Check it out!

David responds to a request from one of his students, Andrew Fisher, to hit a full swing on an uphill lie.

There are two key ingredients to the success of this shot.

1. Ball Position.

Have a few practice swings near the ball and notice where the clubhead is bottoming out.  This is going to give you the correct ball position. Your weight will be mostly on the back foot because the slope is forcing the weight back.  Most likely, the club will bottom out a little further back in the stance because of the weight on the back foot. Make sure the ball is in this position when you go to play the shot.

2. Weight Distribution.

Because there is no weight shift in this shot, the lead hip tends to spin out, resulting in a pull.  Make sure you aim to the right quite a lot. Finish your swing with the weight still back.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Full Swing Uphill Lie – Trouble Shot Tuesday #56.

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