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4 Things you MUST have in your bag!

4 Things you MUST have in your bag!

4 Things you MUST have in your bag!

Hi, I’m Mel Sole, Director of Instruction at the Mel Sole Golf School, headquartered at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.  We conduct 1, 2 and 3-day golf schools, hourly golf lessons, and senior golf schools.  Any type of golf instruction program your heart desires. Give us a call at 800-624-4653 or 843-237-4993.  We will be happy to book a commuter school or a package that contains accommodations, golf, and golf school.

Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

If you are a serious golfer, then these are the 4 things you should always have in your bag to improve or enhance your game!

Alignment Sticks.

It does amaze me how many people don’t carry alignment sticks in their bags.  Not only for alignment (although that is important) but also as training aids to give you feedback on whatever you are working on.  And keep them in your golf bag!  When I ask a student if they have any alignment sticks, they usually reply “Yes, they’re in my car.” or “They’re in my garage at home.” for them to always be available you must carry them in your golf bag 24/7.

Range Finder.

The range finder is particularly useful when you are close to the green and you have those 20 to 60-yard shots.  They are not full shots for most golfers, but you need to know the distance so you can hit the exact distance that is needed in the air!  Without a range finder, you are just guessing.  The plates on the fairway only give yardages to the middle of the green.  You need to know the distance to the flag!

Putting Mirror.

This is the only training aid (besides the alignment sticks) that I carry in my bag.  Again, it is in my bag 24/7 because when I go and play on a different course, I can pull it out and work on my posture (seeing my eyes over the ball) and also a good stroke.  I keep it in the side pocket of my bag.  I use it before every round.


Either on your smartphone or watch.  This gives you invaluable information on not only distances to the flag, but if you have never played the course before, an overhead view can allow you to see potential penalty areas that you cannot see from ground level.  I have a Garmin watch, but there are a multitude of apps that are extremely good.

There are the 4 items that I feel if you are serious about your game, should be caries with you at all times!

Source.  Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading 4 Things you MUST have in your bag!  If you don’t have all 4, please purchase the missing items, you won’t regret it!

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