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When testing new clubs feel is everything!

When testing new clubs feel is everything!

When testing new clubs, feel is everything!

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This article is for all amateur golfers who think of getting a new set of clubs in the not too distant future.  DO NOY buy off-the-rack clubs!. Instead, read further to see what you really need to do!

Is it necessary to test all equipment?

How do PGA Tour players test out new equipment, and how can this help you?  Well, for one thing, they test not only the putter, wedges, irons, fairway woods, and driver, but the ball as well.  An all-around test is needed to make the player feel confident with every club in the bag and with the ball’s performance off the club


Most amateurs buy clubs off the rack.  

That is the worst thing you can ever do! Instead, go to a demo day, test all the equipment, and then go to a different company’s demo day and test their equipment.  Or, go to a golf store with all the models, get on a launch monitor, look at the numbers, and decide on the feel.  Does the ball make a difference?  Start off using the ball you play regularly and see how it feels with all the clubs in the bag.  My suggestion is to do this over several days and has an experienced club fitter assist you.  

Equipped with good stats from the launch monitor plus your positive feel with clubs and ball, you’ll be confident as you head to the first tee that you have the tools to play your best!  

Thanks must go to Golf Digest Staff for this enlightening interview!

When testing new clubs feel is everything!

Rory McIlroy makes sure that every club in his bag is optimized for his swing and his feel!

Rory McIlroy is a four-time major champion currently ranked No. 3 in the world.  Since joining Nike’s tour staff in 2013, McIlroy has been heavily involved in providing feedback on products he tests.  The latest being the company’s new line of RZN golf balls. McIlroy answers five questions about that process from E. Michael Johnson.

When did you start testing the new Nike RZN balls?

I started testing at the start of 2015 and continued to test throughout the year until we found something that I really, really liked. After that process, I had no trouble putting it in play. Once I have trust and confidence in something, I’m ready to go with it. There’s no point in delaying any longer. So I put [the ball] in play at the end of the European Tour season, and it worked very well for me.

What attribute of the ball is most important for you?

The feel of the ball is everything. Sound is a big deal for me, too. A ball can be soft, but if it sounds high-pitched coming off the club, it can almost feel hard. The feel and the sound must go hand in hand. It needs to feel good on all shots, even putts. And that comes from the cover and mantle layer.

When testing new clubs, feel is everything!

To see the other 3 things Rory feels are important in testing new equipment, go here!

Source: Golf Digest   Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: DAVID CANNON/GETTY IMAGES   www.tourprogolfclubs.com

Thanks for reading – When testing new clubs feel is everything!  I hope this helps when buying your next set!

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