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More Club on Uphill Shots - Trouble Shot #54.

More Club on Uphill Shots – Trouble Shot #54.

More Club on Uphill Shots – Trouble Shot #54.

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Today Mel discusses the importance of selecting the correct club when playing a pitch shot on a severe upslope.

When you have a pitch shot from a steep uphill lie, you want to get your spine angle at 90 degrees to the slope.  This puts most of the weight on the back foot.  When playing the shot, all the weight stays on that back foot. The ball position is also played a little more forward in the stance.  These adjustments cause a negative shaft lean (backward shaft lean), which automatically adds more loft to the club.  You now have to do one of two things.

1. Hit the ball harder.

Because you are adding loft, the ball is going to go significantly higher and not as far.  So to get the ball to the flagstick, and much bigger swing is required. This shot is desirable when there is very little green to work with and requires a minimal roll.

2. Take less club.

Take a club with a lot less loft, which will produce a lower ball flight and more roll on the ball.  This is desirable when there is a lot of green to play with, and you need more roll.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – More Club on Uphill Shots – Trouble Shot #54.

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