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Mizuno Fitting Cart - Product Review #7.

Mizuno Fitting Cart – Product Review #7.

Mizuno Fitting Cart – Product Review #7.

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I will review not a product per se, but something that can help you with a future purchase – new clubs.

Mizuno has one of the finest fitting systems around.  The star of the show is the Shaft Optimizer.  I will give you an insight into how the shaft optimizer works from a non-engineer or designer’s standpoint.

The shaft of the optimizer has a small computer in the middle of the graphite shaft.  The graphite shaft inside contains strain gauges that measure 5 different things happening when you swing a golf club. 

Mizuno Fitting Cart - Product Review #7

The small computer is attached to the graphite shaft.

Clubhead Speed.

This is obvious.


The relationship between the backswing and the downswing.

Toe Down.

Because the toe is sticking out at the end of the shaft, there is a certain bend downward.  This is sometimes called droop.

Kick Angle.

The amount of shaft bend on the downswing.

Release Factor.

The kick of the shaft right at impact.

The Fitting.

After hitting 3 shots with the Shaft Optimizer, this small computer’s numbers are recorded on the shaft.  I plug the numbers into my laptop that contains the fitting software.  I also enter the height, measurement of fingertips from the ground (for shaft length). The shaft optimizer automatically calculated the lie angle. I then enter the 5 numbers produced by the shaft optimizer when hitting shots on the range.

These figures produce a shaft profile.  Each shaft on the market has a different shaft profile.  There are hundreds of shaft profiles within the software.  Once I plug the numbers generated by the shaft optimizer, the computer searches through all the shafts and finds the closest one to the numbers entered.  The result is the golfer gets a shaft that is EXACTLY matched to his swing!


Once I have the shaft picked out, now the testing begins.  The software will suggest the correct model based on the golfer’s ability.  The fitter has the choice to override that choice.  I normally take three heads out of the fitting cart.  The head of the computer is suggesting.  The head, I think, is perfect for the golfer.  And the head that the golfer really likes.

We spend the next half hour hitting balls with combinations of shaft and head.  At this point, it is all about the golfer.  What he likes visually and what he likes the feel of.  Once he chooses the head he likes, then the fitting is over.

New Set of Clubs!

The golfer will get a new set of clubs set to his home address directly from the Mizuno factory in Atlanta that are a perfect fit.

I have never sold a fitted set of clubs to students that they did not fall in love with the day they got them!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Mizuno Fitting Cart – Product Review #7.  Find a fitter near you. Mel Sole Golf School is a Certified Mizuno Clubfitter.

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