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May I replace a Divot on my Line off the Green - Rules and Etiquette #84.

May I replace a Divot on my Line off the Green – Rules and Etiquette #84.

May I replace a Divot on my Line off the Green – Rules and Etiquette #84.

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Lately, I have decided that instead of just showing a rules situation and giving you the correct procedure, I have turned this into a quiz.  This blog is now a learning opportunity to understand the rules of golf.  By knowing the rules, you can avoid penalties which will ultimately lower your scores!  Enter to win a one-hour lesson by emailing the correct answer to melsolegolf@gmail.com.  The first correct answer received is the winner!

May I Replace a Divot that is on my Line bit Off the Green?

This week’s Golf Rules Quiz presents a fascinating situation.  My golf ball has come up short of the putting surface, and because the ball is close to the green, and I am downhill, down grain, and downwind,  I have decided to putt.  Unfortunately, there is a divot on my line with the divot’s remnants a few feet further on.  May I replace the divot before I play my shot to make the surface a little smoother to putt over?

Last Week’s Winner.

Last week’s question featured a situation where a player’s ball came to rest against an out-of-bounds fence.  He climbed over the fence, stood out of bounds, and hit the fence, causing the ball to shoot forward, and in this case, the ball ended up on the green.  Does this player receive a penalty or not?

The winner was Glenn Wisse of New Philadelphia, PA, who sent in the correct answer.  There is no penalty for doing this.  Congratulations Glenn, please email me at melsolegolf@gmail.com to set up your one-hour lesson the next time you are in the Pawleys Island area. I look forward to helping you with your game.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – May I replace a Divot on my Line off the Green – Rules and Etiquette #84.

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