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Hitting a golf ball out of a divot - Trouble Shot Tuesday #104.

Hitting a golf ball out of a divot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #104.

Hitting a golf ball out of a divot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #104.

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Let me explain why I am calling this Trouble Shot Tuesday on a Monday.  Dell Technologies starts on a Friday and ends on a Monday. Thus at the end of Sunday, we will not have a winner.  So rather than have 2 video blogs on a Tuesday, I have brought the normal Trouble Shot Tuesday for Monday and will have the Monday Rewind on Tuesday!  Confused?  I hope not.  So enjoy the video today and see the results of the Dell Technologies Championship on Tuesday!

Hitting a golf ball out of a divot!

Every golfer on the planet, including the PGA and LPGA players, hates walking up and finding their ball in a divot.  The shot that will always stick in my head was the late Payne Stewart walking down the fairway in the lead after hitting his drive straight down the middle of the fairway.  As he approached the ball, his head just dropped!  His ball was right in the middle of the divot. I wish the R&A and USA would come up with something more equitable, like a free drop.  Everyone would be happy with that.

The Method.

You will need a more descending blow for this shot, so move the ball back a few inches in your stance. As you are now delofting the club, take one club less.  Instead of a 6 iron, use a 7.  What I want you to do is try and make the divot your ball is bigger!  So hit down and through and a full follow-through!

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Thanks for watching – Hitting a golf ball out of a divot – Trouble Shot Tuesday #104.

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