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Core Exercises For Golf - Planks - Fitness Friday #79

Core Exercises For Golf – Planks – Fitness Friday #79.

Core Exercises For Golf – Planks – Fitness Friday #79.

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Our host this week is once again Carolina Romero, also known as The Fit Golfer Girl.  One of my favorite core exercises for golf is planks.  It is an excellent all-around fitness exercise.  Tremendous for strengthening and stabilizing the golf swing.

Core Exercises for Golf – Planks!

Our core’s main purpose is to keep our spine safe and stable through life’s movements, such as the golf swing. It is going to accomplish this by preventing these three things.

  1. Rotating.
  2. Extending.
  3. Side bending.

The first exercise is to prevent the spine from rotating at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

3 Point Plank. Get into a regular plank position, spread your feet a little bit and elevate your hands.  Hold this for a second or two.

Pull Through Planks.  Start in a regular plank position and use a weight like a dumbell and pass it through from side to side, ensuring that your torso is nice and stable and not twisting from side to side.

Side Plank.  The side plank is the best exercise for golfers, period!  Start on your knees and putting your elbow right underneath your shoulder, and elevating your hip.  Ensure that your butt is not sticking out, keeping a straight line between your shoulder, hip, and knee.

Alternating Side Planks. Position yourself in a regular plank position, and then without putting your knees down, rotate yourself the opposite way.  Make sure that your hips do not hike up while you rotate.

Swiss Ball Plank. Get yourself in a good plank position with your forearms on top of the ball.  Ensure that your back is not arching and that you are keeping a straight line between your head and your toes.

Plank Rollouts. Once you start feeling comfortable enough, start rolling the ball in and out.  The purpose here is to make sure your lower back is nice and stable.

Source: Fit Golfer Girl   Carolina Romero   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Core Exercises For Golf – Planks – Fitness Friday #79.

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