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Moveable Obstruction - Rules & Etiquette #70.

A Moveable Obstruction – Rules & Etiquette #70.

A Moveable Obstruction – Rules & Etiquette #70.

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Today we talk about what you can and cannot remove from a bunker before you play your shot.  By knowing this rule, you can save strokes the next time you are faced with this dilemma!  Follow along as I cover the difference between a movable and immovable obstruction.

Movable Obstruction.

A moveable obstruction is something that is not a natural part of the course.  Anything unnatural.  For example a soda can, a plastic bottle or a piece of paper. Even a Rake.  Because these objects were not intended to be part of the course they may be removed.  If the ball is accidentally moved, it may be replaced without penalty.

Immovable Obstruction.

An immovable obstruction is something that is natural to the course and playing conditions.  Like a twig, pebble or stone.  Make sure you always check the local rules of the course you are about to play. (Usually on the back of the scorecard.)  These local rules will allow some immoveable obstructions to be moveable obstructions.  For example, a golf course has particularly stoney bunkers.  Instead of replacing the sand, the course may make pebbles and stones moveable obstructions.  Anyone who has a stone in the way of the shot may remove the stone.  If you move the ball accidentally, you may replace it without penalty.

So get to know the rules, and yes, even local rules to help improve your score.  We see almost every week on the PGA, LPGA, or European Tour,  rules broken by accident.  Only to cost the perpetrator a one or two-stroke penalty.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – A Moveable Obstruction – Rules & Etiquette #70.

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