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How to Take a Divot

How to Take a Divot.

How to Take a Divot.

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Watch as I show that the sternum is key in striking the ball first and hitting a divot after impact!

When you take a good strip of the earth as your club strikes the ball, it’s a good indication that you made a good swing. But, like all things golf, the key to success is in the details.  In this case: your sternum.  Watch as I identify the common problem with this type of shot.  And describe how you can improve this important aspect of your game.

From The Top of the Backswing.

The first move of the downswing is a lateral movement of the hips towards the target. At the same time, the sternum is moving forward.  And past the ball as the body rotates through to the target.  If the sternum hangs back and does not get past the ball, the golfer will reach the bottom of the arc too soon, and a fat shot will ensue.  Or, the body will raise, knowing that a fat shot is about to happen. A poor shot is a result—either way, not a pretty outcome.

The Cure.

Practice pitch shots, starting with all the weight on the front foot.  This will automatically put the sternum in front f the ball.  From the top of the backswing of the pitch shot (while keeping all the weight on the front foot), rotate the body while keeping the head steady.  The bottom of the arc will be slightly in from of the ball, and a clean shot, with a divot will be the result!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – How to Take a Divot.

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