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Great Putting Part 4 - Questions.

Great Putting Part 4 – Questions.

Great Putting Part 4 – Questions.

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.


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This month’s tip comes from Kaki Tindall of  St. Claire Shores, MI, who asks: “I have been following your putting lessons, and I think this is a great idea that you send your lessons this way. Keep it up.

But doesn’t the push drill make you start to “push” your putts?

How does this drill work when putting normally? I thought that you weren’t supposed to be right-hand dominant when you putt? 

Won’t the leading hand be stronger leading or pushing the putt?”

Kaki, these are great questions and very helpful for me as an instructor to get feedback like this from my students or readers. However, it is vitally important that the reader understands the purpose of these drills and does them correctly – otherwise, the goal is defeated.

Great Putting Part 4 – Questions.

I’ll answer these questions one at a time.

 1. “Doesn’t the push drill make you start to “push” your putts?”

It is important while doing the push drill that you use a ruler.  Something that will help you push the putter “straight” through. The toe of the putter must stay an equal distance from the ruler at all times. This way, the putter-head is always online.  Also, an important aspect is that the putter’s face must be at all times be at 90 degrees to the ruler for the ball to roll on the exact line you want.

 2. “How does this drill work when putting normally?”

A “drill” is to be used only on the practice green so you can train yourself to repeat it competently over and over. Later, when you are on the course, you do not have to think of the drill.  You will automatically have a good putting stroke. Once you have chosen the line, you can keep focused only on the speed needed to hit the putt, something all great putters do.

3. “I thought you weren’t supposed to be right-hand dominant when you putt?”

In my January 2001 tip, you will note that the push drill is to help you feel the arm and hands “kinesthetically” through the putting stroke and that the objective is to feel no breakdown between the arms and hands. This means that there is no “dominant hand or arm” when you putt. By doing the push drill, you will finally feel the big muscles in the shoulders and upper back controlling the putting motion, thus eliminating the small muscles of the arms and hands, which are the real “killers” in the putting stroke.

Remember that each push drill needs to be practiced (either at home or on the putting green) for at least 21 consecutive days.  This is to ingrain a completely automatic motion.

Good Luck and great putting!!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – Great Putting Part 4 – Questions.  See the links below for Parts 1, 2 & 3.

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