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What is the bounce angle on golf clubs?

What is the bounce angle on golf clubs?

What is the bounce angle on golf clubs? And how do you use it?

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Understanding Bounce.

Understanding bounce angle on golf clubs will help you not dig the club into the ground when you are chipping and help the club slide through the sand on bunker shots. If you understand bounce, you are well on your way to becoming a good golfer. A sand wedge will usually have more bounce than a lob (or 60 degrees) wedge, and these have different functions.  Golf Monthly’s Mike Reynolds explains the ins and outs of bounce!


What is the bounce angle on wedges?

You will often hear golf coaches and equipment fitters refer to bounce in wedges but what is it and how does it help. Well, the bounce angle refers to the relationship between the leading edge and the sole of your wedge.

If you hold your wedge out in front of you so the shaft is perpendicular to the ground you will notice that the back of the sole sits lower to the ground than the leading edge. If you drew a horizontal line through the leading edge of the wedge and then another line along the angle of the sole, the difference between these two is your bounce angle.

Watch Andrew’s video, explaining what is bounce angle on wedge?


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Source: Golf Monthly   Andrew Reynolds  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Golf Monthly   Shawn Dinwiddie

Thanks for watching – What is the bounce angle on golf clubs?  Hopefully, now you know.

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