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What is Block and Random practice?

What are Block and Random practice?

What are Block and Random practice?

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Most golfers struggle to take their really good game on the driving range, to the golf course.  There is a recent study that explains two different ways to practice.  They are “Block” practice and “Random” practice. Sean Mc Ternan of  My Golf Tutor  explains the difference between the two, and how you should go about practicing both ways to improve your on-course play!

Follow along as Sean Mc Ternan explains a better way to practice!

Block Practice.

Block practice is what most golfers do on the range.  The time for block practice is when you are working on swing mechanics and trying to integrate a new move into your swing to improve your ball striking.  You have a pile of golf balls in front of you and it’s a case of repetition, repetition, repetition.  This is how a higher handicap golfer learns to swing the club correctly.  Preferably in conjunction with some lessons, so the golfer is working on positive change.

Random practice.

Random practice is when you simulate on-course play.  I think a great way to do this to pretend to play a round of golf.  You would first hit one shot with the club you would typically hit off the 1st tee.  Based on where that ball wend and how well you hit it, you would choose the club for your second shot.  If you feel that shot was slightly offline and would have found the greenside bunker, take your sand wedge, head over to the bunker and play a shot.  Go onto the green and putt it out.  Write down your score on a scorecard.  Proceed to the second hole and do the same thing.  Play all 18 holes on the driving range, visualizing each shot the way you would try to play that shot on the course.  

Some days I will just hit random shots with different clubs in my bag, never hitting the same shot twice in a row.  Don’t forget to sometimes hit a chip or putt.

Thanks for watching What is Block and Random practice?  I hope your golf game on the golf course improves in leaps and bounds!

Source: My Golf Tutor   Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching What are Block and Random practice?  It is important to know the difference!

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