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The shoulder position at Address is Key - Technical Thursday #74.

The shoulder position at Address is Key – Technical Thursday #74.

The shoulder position at Address is Key – Technical Thursday #74.

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Today we talk about the position of the shoulders both at the address and at impact.  This drill will help you hit the ball slightly on the downswing, which is key to becoming a good iron player.  

Shoulder Position Technique.

Start by standing in your address position. (with or without a club) Slide your trail hand down below your lead hand.  You will notice that the trail shoulder also moves down.  This is the correct shoulder position at the address. Your trail shoulder is lower than your lead shoulder.  Take a few practice swings keeping your spine angle constant, and you will feel the trail shoulder work under your chin as you follow through.

Once you bring a ball into the drill, make sure you do it slowly.  The keyword is “incremental” practice.  Do it slowly. There is no hurry.  Your body learns twice as fast with incremental practice than the “rake and hit” method I see so many amateurs do.  The first few shots should be done with a short iron like a 9 or 8 iron.  Start hitting the ball no further than 30 or 40 yards focusing on the trail should moving under the chin and feel the solid hit of the clubface on the ball.

In conclusion, put this drill into a full swing and focus on getting the same feel through impact that you did during the drill.  If you start to struggle with the full swing, go back to the half swing again and alternate between the half swing and the full swing until the full swing feels correct.  You’re on your way to a solid, reliable golf swing!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – The shoulder position at Address is Key – Technical Thursday #74.

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