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Stop Casting from the Top in your Golf Swing - Fitness Friday #104.

Stop Casting from the Top in your Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #104.

Stop Casting from the Top in your Golf Swing – Fitness Friday #104.

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Home Exercises.

Start by standing with your elbows close to your side and your forearms parallel to the ground.  With your hands in a thumbs-up position, you are going to try and bring your thumbs down as far as you can.  Stretching the top of the wrist.  Then try and bend back your thumbs in opposite direction for another maximum stretch.

For the next stretch hold your forearms parallel to the ground as before.  This time make a fist and bend the wrist first forward and then back as far as you can.

Last but not least, hold your forearms parallel to the ground with your hands facing up and the thumbs facing outward.  Turn your thumbs out as far as you can and then turn them in as far as you can.

Gym Exercises.

Uneven Load Hold: 

Holding a heavyweight like a dumbell or a kettlebell.  Make sure your abs are engaged and your spine is at 90 degrees to the ground. No leaning in any direction.

Deadlift to Rotation: 

While maintaining good form, start with a dumbell between your feet.  Lift the dumbell from the ground, stand upright and turn to your right.  Bend down and place the dumbell back on the ground between your feet.  Lift the dumbell once again this time facing to the left with your spine straight and your hips fully rotated.  Make sure that your toes are pointing forward at all times.

Bird Dogs: 

Bird Dogs are one of the most effective but simple ways to stabilize your core.  Start in an all fours position and you are going to start by lifting your opposite arm and opposite leg.  Hold it there for a few seconds and then switch sides. 


Source: Carolina Romero    The Fit Golfer Girl    Mel Sole Golf School.

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