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Softness Rhythm and Feel - Short Game #63.

Softness Rhythm and Feel – Short Game #63.

Softness Rhythm and Feel – Short Game #63.

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When working on your short game, remember to work not only on the correct mechanics but get some softness, rhythm, and feel into the shot as well.  I demonstrate how to take the tension out of your short game by adding softness!

Soft Hands.

Grip pressure can sometimes get tight without a person even realizing it.  Try to be aware of grip pressure by waggling the club at the address position.  By constantly moving the club, the hands will stay nice and soft.  Feel is almost impossible with firm grip pressure.

Slow swing.

In Mexico, they say, “No hay prisa.”  Hay is pronounced “eye”  This means “There is no hurry.”  There is no hurray in a shot around the green: slow backswing, slow follow-through.  If you do not practice this motion on the range, you will NEVER get it on the course.  Work on it.  It’s worth it.

No Mechanics!

You work on mechanics on the driving range.  The repetition repeatedly ingrains the motion, making it comfortable, and the confidence in the ability to hit the shot grows.  Once you get to the course, you can do the practice swing thinking mechanics, BIT. Once you step into the shot, think of smooth and slow.  You will never go wrong with that pre-shot routine!

Thanks for watching Short Game Saturday #63 Softness. Good luck with your golf!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Softness Rhythm and Feel – Short Game #63.  

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