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SSidehill Lie on the Golf Course - Ball Below your Feet - Short Game #93

Sidehill Lie on the Golf Course – Ball Below your Feet – Short Game #93

Sidehill Lie on the Golf Course – Ball Below your Feet – Short Game #93

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This is the fourth and final in our series of uphill, downhill and sidehill lies.  We first did the Uphill Lie. Then we did the Downhill Lie.  Last week we did Sidehill Lie – Ball above the feet, and today the sidehill lie, ball below the feet. I feel this is the hardest of all the slope shots on the golf course.

The Method.

Make sure you do some practice swings slightly behind the ball, choosing the exact slope you will hit your shot from. Make sure the bottom of the arc brushes the grass each time you go through. This confirms to you that your spine angle is staying constant.  This is the KEY to the execution of this shot.  Any variance of the spine angle will cause you to either top the ball (raising the spine angle) or hit the ground (lowering the spine angle).

The follow-through should move towards the target to maintain accuracy.  Do not let the club come around your body.  We call this releasing “down the line.”  Head to the driving range, find a slope and practice these shots.  Even if you cannot hit balls from four different angles, do some practice swings to get the feel.  Adding these four trouble shots will add to your growing arsenal of short game shots learned from the Mel Sole Golf School.  And, of course, lower your handicap!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Sidehill Lie on the Golf Course – Ball Below your Feet – Short Game #93

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