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Provisional or Another Ball - Rules & Etiquette #66.

Provisional or Another Ball – Rules & Etiquette #66.

Provisional or Another Ball – Rules & Etiquette #66.

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Today we talk about the difference between a provisional ball and “another” ball.  A big difference in the outcome if you don’t know this rule.  Check it out!

Knowing the rules can sometimes save you strokes, as many golfers have found out too late!

A Provisional Ball.

When you hit a ball offline on the golf course, you may play a  “provisional ball.” You are stating that you might find your first ball and elect to play it.  The downside to that is once you find the first ball, the provisional ball immediately is out of play.  If you do not like the lie of the first ball, you have no choice. You have to either play it or play under the rules of an unplayable lie.

This situation happened to Phil Mickelson in a tournament a few years ago.  Phil was in a playoff and, on the first hole, hit his tee shot way left.  Opting to play a provisional ball, he hit a beauty right down the middle of the fairway.  Once he saw the bush that his ball first ball had landed in, he tried to say “Stop Searching” so that he could play his provisional ball.  But right at the second, a spectator found the ball, which meant Mickelson had to declare the provisional ball out of play (he was not happy) and proceed under the unplayable lie rule.  This meant he had to go back to the tee and play 3 with no guarantee that he would hit another beauty down the middle.  You live by the sword. You die by the sword!

Another Ball.

If you declare that you will play “another ball” after you have hit your first ball into trouble, you are declaring that first ball out of play, and even if you find it, you cannot play it! Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #66 

I hope the explanation for a Provisional ball and Another Ball helps you in the future.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Provisional or Another Ball – Rules & Etiquette #66.  Be careful!

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