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Low and Straight - Trouble Shot Tuesday #61.

Low and Straight – Trouble Shot Tuesday #61.

Low and Straight – Trouble Shot Tuesday #61.

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This week’s theme is accuracy, and I talk about hitting a low shot through a small gap.

Hitting the ball intentionally low has always been a problem for high handicap golfers.  Learn not only how to hit it low, but hit it straight as well!

Keeping the Ball Low.

To keep the ball low, take a club without much loft.  In this video, I am using a 4 iron. Move the ball towards the middle of the stance and then swing as you normally would.  Abbreviating the follow-through will also help to keep the ball down.

Hitting the ball Straight.

To hit the ball low, you need to know how to “release down the line.”  This is the ability to keep the club moving towards the target while allowing the club’s tow to pass the heel of the club through the impact zone.

Practice on the Range.

To add this shot to your growing arsenal of trouble shots you have learned at the Mel Sole Golf School, you have to head to the range and practice this shot.  Watch the video several times to understand the technique. Once you have practiced this shot a few times, you will have the ability to play the low and straight shot and lower your scores.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Low and Straight – Trouble Shot Tuesday #61.

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