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Kids and Bunkers - Trouble Shot Tuesday #59.

Kids and Bunkers – Trouble Shot Tuesday #59.

Kids and Bunkers – Trouble Shot Tuesday #59.

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 This is junior week.  We talk about the right way for beginner juniors to learn bunker play.  Enjoy!

One-Shot and Throw!

My father did something for me as a junior that, at the time, I never realized the impact it would have on my golf game later on.  He would let me try and hit the ball out of the bunker, but he would allow me to toss the ball out of the bunker by hand!  Later on, he made my play the shot as I was having a good day, and I holed the shot.  That was a HUGE turning point in my golf game.  I now believed that I could hole a bunker shot, and each time I set up a bunker shot while I was playing, I was trying to hole out each time!

Play all the Shots!

When I could get the ball out in one shot (not necessarily near the hole), he made me play by the rules.  And play all the shots.  I quickly became an outstanding bunker player because I did not have a mental block about bunker shots.  And when I turner pro, it was the strongest part of my game!

Encourage, Encourage!

Encourage your junior to have fun on the golf course, as my dad did.  And maybe he will be the president of a great golf club one day or sign a great business deal on the course! You will never be sorry!

Thank you for watching Trouble Shot Tuesday #59 Bunkers. Go out with your child and have a great time together.  I know I do with both my son and grandson!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thank you for watching – Kids and Bunkers – Trouble Shot Tuesday #59. 

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