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Jimenez Stretch Routine - Fitness Friday #63.

Jimenez Stretch Routine – Fitness Friday #63.

Jimenez Stretch Routine – Fitness Friday #63.

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Our guest today is everyone’s favorite golfer, Miguel Angel Jimenez.  His warm-up routine is legendary, and the average golfer can learn a lot from it.  A routine to stretch ALL the joints relative to the golf swing is critical if you will perform well right from the first tee!  Watch, copy, and play better golf!  Follow along as I describe Miguel Angel Jimenez’s daily warm-up routine.

Miguel’s Stretching Routine.

Two clubs in one hand, holding arm outstretched and twisting back and forth. Use both hands.

Extend the two clubs out in front with the heads touching the ground.  Bend forward from the waist and sink the chest downwards.  Squat down as low as your legs will allow. This move stretches the back.

Put the two clubs over your head with both arms straight.  Stretch backward as far as you can.  This expands the check and thoracic spine.

Extend the arms in front to do a few squats.  Loosen the legs and ankles.

Put your hand on your knees and move them around in a circle.  This flexes the ankles and knees.

Take the toe of the club, hook it under the foot and pull towards you.  This is flexing the calf muscles and hamstrings.  Do both feet.

Grab each end of the clubs behind you and pull upwards with each arm.  This stretches the triceps.

In this position, lean over sideways to stretch the obliques. Both Sides.

Finally, take two clubs and swing a normal swing.  Make both sides, backswing, and follow-through as long as possible!

I hope our Fitness Friday #63 Stretch Routine has enlightened you on how you can stretch before a round to lower your scores.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School    Angel Miguel Jimenez

Thanks for watching – Jimenez Stretch Routine – Fitness Friday #63.  

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