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Equipment-Free Glute Workout - Fitness Friday #62.

Equipment-Free Glute Workout – Fitness Friday #62.

Equipment-Free Glute Workout – Fitness Friday #62.

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This week’s theme is consistency, so today’s guest, who is becoming a regular on my fitness bogs, Matt Scott of Athletic Golf  Training, gives his tips on exercises that will help you get the consistency in your game that you are looking for!

Follow along with Matt as he gives an equipment-free glute workout.  How important are the glutes?  Those of us who watch golf a lot, especially watching  Tiger, can remember when he pulled out of a tournament because his injury prevented him from “firing his glutes!”  Most people who didn’t understand the importance of glutes scoffed at him and thought he was making excuses.  We all know now that he wasn’t!  Pay Attention!

Glute Bridge.

Lay on your back, put your arms across your chest.  Push up your hips, keeping your feet and shoulders flat on the ground.  Squeeze your butt muscles as tight as you can! 20 reps.

Single leg Extension.

From the upward position of the previous exercise, extend a leg up about 45 degrees. Puch upwards as you were doing in exercise 1.  10 Reps on each leg.

Supported Glute Bridge.

Use your sofa to extend your arms and place your shoulders on the sofa with your butt touching the floor.  Push up, raising your butt off the floor until your hips are level with your upper legs. 20 Reps.

Supported Bridge Variation.

Take a leg and raise it until your shin is parallel to the ground.  Continue to thrust upward in this position.  10 Reps each leg.

Deep Squat.

Feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out, arms extended out in front of you.  Squat as deep as you can while keeping your heels on the ground to feel the glutes really working.  Feel the burn!

Squat Variation.  

Squatting down with one leg and the other leg reaches out behind you.  For experts only!

Forward Lunge.

Take a step forward and sink your knee to the ground.  Push back up, then do the other leg.  5 times on each side.

Backward Lunge.  

Take a step back and then sink your knee to the ground. 5 times each leg.

Lateral Lunge.

Tale a step sideways and then squat down.  5 times each leg.

Split Squat.

A big step back, then touch the knee of the back leg to the ground.

Donkey Kick.

On all fours.  Kick a leg back and up with the sole of the shoe to the ceiling.  Do both sides 5 times.

Clam Shells.

Lay on your side with the knees together and slightly bent.  Raise the upper knee as far as you can and back down.  5 times each side.

Leg Abductions.

Still on your side, with the legs extended straight out.  Raise the upper leg as far as you can and back down.  5 times each side.

Plank with Leg Extension.

Get into a Plank position and raise one heel towards the ceiling.  5 times each side.

Do these exercises, and your glutes will be firing like crazy!  Good golfing!

Source: athleticgolftraining.com   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Equipment-Free Glute Workout – Fitness Friday #62.  This goes on my list of must-do workouts.

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