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Do Pro Golfers Have Superstitions?

Do Pro Golfers Have Superstitions?

Do Pro Golfers Have Superstitions?

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Personally I have never had any type of superstitions when it comes to golf or anything else for that matter!  I don’t believe in luck, although there is plenty of evidence of good and bad luck on the golf course. Is one person is luckier than another? I don’t think so.  On the golf course, we tend to remember the bad breaks and when we get a good break, we almost expect it to happen.  

I think in the long run, all things even out, and we have just as much good as bad luck.  However, there are certain golf professionals who do not agree with me.  Here is a list of pretty good golfers who are definitely superstitious when playing.  Thanks to Back9Network for sharing this story!

To say athletes are a little superstitious would be a severe understatement. Athletes are notoriously interested in “things they don’t understand.” They range from the tame to the utterly insane. They involve eating particular foods and writing words in the dirt, wearing articles of clothing more than once and using the same bathroom stall. 

Golfers are no different. They all seem to have their own unique quirk that they believe helps them win. Except for Stewart Cink, who avoids superstition at all costs because it brings him bad luck. Which is a superstition in and of itself, right? 

Good or bad, luck is lucky. And, here are the top five golfer superstitions:

 Chi Chi Rodriguez’s Coin Markers.

Chi Chi Rodriguez is one of the game’s greatest characters, so it’s no surprise that he’s also very superstitious. Among other superstitions, Rodriguez uses a quarter to mark his birdie putts, a buffalo nickel for eagle putts and if he isn’t finding luck there, Rodriguez will switch to a gold coin. Asked about his superstitions: “I don’t open the umbrella in my room, I don’t put my hat on the bed, I don’t mark my ball with a dowel,” Rodriguez told aboutsports.com. “Those are all superstitions. People say, ‘Well why are you that way?’ I say, ‘I haven?t done too bad.’”

Masters Par 3 Champion’s Curse.

Since the Masters introduced the Wednesday afternoon par-3 contest, no one who has won that event has gone on to win the Masters the same week. Because of this, players who are in contention have been known to tank on purpose with the goal of remaining in the hunt to win the Masters.  Some believe it’s an “old wives tale,” but there is some staggering evidence to back it up. After winning the par-3 contest, Raymond Floyd lost the Masters to Nick Faldo in a dramatic playoff in 1990 and Ben Crenshaw blew a 54-hole lead to continue the streak in 1987. But hey, judge for yourself. 

To see the other 3 professional golfers who have superstitions when playing golf, go here!

Source: Back9Network   Mel Sole Golf School.

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Thanks for reading Do Pro Golfers Have Superstitions?  Do you have any of your own?

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