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Controlling your Pitching Distances - Short Game Saturday #100.

Controlling your Pitching Distances – Short Game Saturday #100.

Controlling your Pitching Distances – Short Game Saturday #100.

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To help you control your pitching distances use a clock system.  Use your lead arm as the long arm of the clock.  Start with your weight slightly more on the lead foot. Cock your wrists as soon as you start your backswing.  Take your lead arm back to 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock, 9 o’clock, or 10 o’clock.  Pitch to a practice green where you can measure how far the ball has traveled in the air.  To control your distances accurately, you need to know the airtime of your pitches, not where the ball finished up.  When you are playing on the course, you will know how far to fly the ball and how much you expect it to roll, depending on the conditions.

The Finish!

The finish is just as important as the backswing.  Try and finish at about 3 o-clock each time.  The reason for this is to control the speed of the clubhead through impact.  Remember, clubhead speed controls distance, so work on this just as much as you control the backswing.

I call the pitch shot the foundation of the golf swing!  While working on your pitch shot, you are working on your body rotation, extension, release, and clubhead traveling down the line to the target.  All these things will carry over to your full swing, and a better golf swing will be the result!

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Thanks for watching – Controlling your Pitching Distances – Short Game Saturday #100.

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