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Club Path and Face Angle - Technical Thursday #47.

Club Path and Face Angle – Technical Thursday #47.

Club Path and Face Angle – Technical Thursday #47.

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Today we discuss alignment, clubhead path, and clubface angle and understand the role these three play in your golf shots’ success.

Using a model depicting both clubhead path, clubface angle, and alignment, I can teach my students why their ball is moving in the air the way it is.  Understanding these principles go a long way to making the student understand their swing.

When you are on the range practicing, pay attention to the ball’s starting direction and the direction the ball is curving.  This will tell you a lot about your swing and what to do to correct it.

The direction that the ball starts is telling you the clubface angle.  The direction that the ball curves is telling you the clubhead path. So if your ball is taking off straight and then slicing off to the right, it means that the clubface angle is square at impact.  But the clubhead path is cutting across the ball.  To cure that, change your clubhead path to either straight through. (for a straight shot) Or move the path from inside to out to produce a draw.  Easy peasy!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Club Path and Face Angle – Technical Thursday #47.  Now you understand!

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