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Can you use a swing aid on the course?

Can you use a swing aid on the course?

Can you use a swing aid on the course?

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Today I talk about some strange situations on the PGA Tour that leas to penalties or disqualifications.  Ouch!

Should spectators be allowed to call in a violation?

Golf is one of the few sports (if not the only one) where a spectator or viewer sitting at home, can call a rules infraction on a player during or after the round. There have been many such cases.  None more famous than Craig Stadler putting a towel on the ground to hit a shot off his knees in order to avoid getting his pants dirty.  Jason Dufner is swinging a club on the course during a round with a glove under his left armpit.  The phones at PGA Headquarters started buzzing!  But there was no penalty for Jason!  

The BIG difference between the two scenarios is that Craig hit an actual shot.  Jason was just having a practice swing.  He was not using the glove to assist him in the execution of a shot, whereas Craig Stadler was.  Also, the glove was part of his equipment, not an artificial aid.

Thanks to Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway of  Back9Network for clarifying a confusing rule. 

 The Rules of Golf are filled with distinctions, interpretations, and shades of gray. So, when Jason Dufner stuck an additional golf glove under his left arm during the final round of the CareerBuilder Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, predictable questions arose on social media: Is that a swing aid? Is that legal?  Should he be disqualified?

Glad you asked, because this is one of those rules and decisions that has some shades of gray built into it and also brings back a (not-so) memorable moment for D.A. Points at the 2014 AT&T National Pro-Am. 

Source : Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway    Back9Network   Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures & Video : PGA Tour

Thanks for reading Can you use a swing aid on the course?  Know the rules, lower your scores!

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