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Calling All Recreational Golfers!

Calling All Recreational Golfers!

Calling All Recreational Golfers!

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How would you like to play golf where you can move your ball out of a divot.  Or unraked sand in a bunker?  Use any commercially available equipment and carry more than 14 clubs?  And out of bounds is only a 1 shot penalty?

U.S. Recreational Golf Association.

Well, now you can.  Join the U.S. Recreational Golf Association, a non-profit organization working to grow the game and make it FUN!  FREE Membership and only 13 simple Rules of Golf.

Golf should be fun!

The Game of Golf is an ancient sport with a rich history and traditions.  Golf should be fun!  Unlike most sports, the player is ultimately responsible for his or her own behavior, following the Rules and showing consideration for other players.  


The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers originally created the Rules of Golf in 1744 in Scotland.  Over the years the original 13 Rules have been amended continuously and today the USGA has 34 sometimes confusing Rules of Golf that are appropriate for organized competitions for skilled players. 

13 Simple Rules.

The United States Recreational Golf Association has created 13 simple Rules of Golf designed to make the game more fun and less intimidating for recreational golfers.  These Rules are a direct reflection of how the majority of golfers play the game in the United States.

4 Hours.

A round of golf must be completed in four hours.  Players should be aware of their position on the course at all times and should attempt to keep up with the group in front of them. Letting faster players play through is a recommended courtesy.  Players must use the most forward tees and to tee the ball up in the fairway to speed up play. 

Ready Golf.

Golfers play “ready golf.”  Whoever is ready to hit should hit.  Putt out; don’t mark once you’ve started putting.  Players must not stand close to, or in a position to be hit by the club or a ball.  If a player hits a ball that may hit another player it is customary to shout “fore” in the direction of the player. 

No Talking.

Players should show respect for their fellow players and not cause distractions (talking, rattling clubs, etc.) that will disturb them.  On the putting green players should not step or stand on another player’s line to the hole.

Replace Divots.

Players should fix ball marks on the putting green; their own as well as those of other players.  Replace divots in the fairway or fill with sand.  After hitting a shot from a bunker the player should carefully rake the sand and smooth it for other players.  Players may enlist the aid of a caddie to help them with their equipment or raking bunkers.

For the complete list of Rules and Etiquette go here

Source: LinkedIn – US Golf Leaders and Dave Felker   Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: Steve Snodgrass   Steve Collis

Thanks for reading Calling All Recreational Golfers!  If that’s you, listen up!

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