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Block or Random Practice - Short Game #69.

Block or Random Practice – Short Game #69.

Block or Random Practice – Short Game #69.

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Today we talk about the difference between block practice and random practice and how to do both.  You want to do about 50% of each.  Improve your short game in 2018 by practicing with a purpose!

Follow along as I describe the difference between Block Practice and Random Practice and how this can benefit your game.

Block Practice.

Block Practice is what most people do on the range.  Stand in one spot and hit balls over and over.  This is the time to work on mechanics.  You are trying to teach your body to do something that it currently is not doing.  The higher your handicap, the more important block practice is.

Random Practice.

To set up a random practice station, go to the practice area and put one ball on an uphill lie, one ball on a downhill lie, one ball in the bunker, a ball in the thick rough—place balls around the practice green in various lies.  Now go and play shot #1 to the green.  Take your putter and go and putt it out.  Write down your score.  Go to shot #2 and do the same thing.  Go through each of the 9 stations and write your score down.  At the end of 9, total up your score and keep it in your golf bag.  The next time you go to the practice area to work on your short game, set up the same 9 positions, and when you are finished, total up your score.  You have to beat your last round’s score, or you have to redo it.

By analyzing your weakest score, you can also identify the weakest area of your short game.  The next time you do block practice, you work on that weak area.  Your short game will get stronger and stronger!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Block or Random Practice – Short Game #69.

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