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Big Shoulder Turn - Fitness Friday #47.

Big Shoulder Turn – Fitness Friday #47.

Big Shoulder Turn – Fitness Friday #47.

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Almost 95% of the golfers I teach are out of shape physically.  They are unable to make a full shoulder turn.  When I tell them they need to do some stretching exercises. Their eyes glaze over.  It is obvious to me they are not interested in the fitness aspect of the golf swing.  Everyone wants their pro to say “Move your finger 1″ to the right,” and then they will instantly start hitting the ball longer and straighter!  Folks, this is simply not going to happen.  But today, I have Mike Hansen of www.HansenFitnessForGolf.com to give you 3 simple yet effective exercises to increase your shoulder turn.  Go ahead and find the time in your busy schedule to do these, and you will thank me for this post!

Cross Grip Backswing.

Take your normal golf stance, and now reverse your hands on the club.  Your lead hand is on the bottom and your trailing hand at the top.  Take a backswing to feel an intense stretch in the deltoids and back.

Club Crossover.

Hold the club out in front of your holding the clubhead side with the palm facing up and the grip side with the palm facing down.  Cross over the club to feel and great stretch in the upper arms.

Lat Pull.

Use a golf cart to place your hands gripping the roof.  Lean back as far as you can to get a great stretch of the lats.

As always, remember to do both sides of each exercise!

Source: www.HansenFitnessForGolf.com     Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Big Shoulder Turn – Fitness Friday #47. Do these stretches.  You’ll be glad you did!

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