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Accurate Putting - Short Game Saturday #61.

Accurate Putting – Short Game Saturday #61.

Accurate Putting – Short Game Saturday #61.

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Continuing our theme of accuracy, today we discuss a straightforward yet effective drill to keep your putts on line and to ensure that you are accelerating your putter head through the impact zone.  Check it out!

Watch as I demonstrate a simple yet effective drill to accomplish two goals.  To hit the putt on the line every time with a good stroke and make sure I am accelerating the putter head through impact!

The Station Setup.

Put two alignment sticks parallel to one another and create a track to the hole. Make the alignment sticks no wider than the hole.  Place four or five balls in a row, starting at 3 feet and about 12″ apart.

Goal #1.

Because the balls are only 12″ apart, that limits my backstroke to only 12″.  To get the ball to the hole, I have to learn to accelerate the putter through impact!

Goal #2.

Hit all the putts in the hole without touching the alignment sticks.  That will tell me I have the ability to hit every putt on line (or not.)

Goal #3.

By lining up the line on the ball for each putt before I start, seeing the ball roll end over end (I can continually see the line) will give me the feedback that I have a good putting stroke!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Accurate Putting – Short Game Saturday #61.

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