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3 Shots Around the Green - Technical Thursday #70

3 Shots Around the Green – Technical Thursday #70.

3 Shots Around the Green – Technical Thursday #70.

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I have to apologize in advance for the two errors I made during this video.  Although this is January 2018, I said 2017.  This happens every year.  My mind has not caught up with time!  The second is the scratchy mike.  I am not aware of this while I am filming, and I will continue to improve my videos’ sound quality.

Three Shot Savers Around the Green!

Three shots around the green require a slightly different technique.  Your ability to execute these shots will definitely lower your scores!

High Chip Shot:

Take your Sand Wedge (56 degrees), or if you have one, a Lob Wedge (60 degrees) and have both arms form a V.  Start with your weight slightly on the front foot.  Swing the club back and through without breaking the arms.  Catch the ball slightly on the downswing.  Make sure you rotate your body through this shot, finishing with your hips all the way through to the target.  This should produce and a nice high, soft shot that will land with minimal roll.  This is for shots of under 30 yards.

Pitch Shot:

Similar to the high chip shot but with a little more wrist break.  You need to add the wrist cock to add some clubhead speed.  Same weight distribution and body rotation.  This would be for shots between 30 and 80 yards.

Lob Shot:

The same as the pitch shot but without the release.  The release is when the lower hand crosses over the upper hand to help square the clubface and add more distance.  With this shot, you hold the clubface open through impact, with the lower hand staying under the upper hand.  This will give almost the same result as the flop shot without the high risk.



Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – 3 Shots Around the Green – Technical Thursday #70.

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