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Preventing the Thin Shot - 1 Move!

Preventing the Thin Shot – 1 Move!

Preventing the Thin Shot – 1 Move!

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Hitting the ball thin (or hitting the ball slightly above the bottom) is a fairly common error, even for good players. There are usually two reasons:

  1. Changing the spine angle 

Preventing the Thin Shot - 1 Move!


In picture #1, I am in my address position. My spine needs to be in the same spine position through impact as it was at the address.

Preventing the Thin Shot - 1 Move!


(Picture #2.) If you raise even slightly before impact, as in picture #3, a thin shot will result.

Preventing the thin shot


2. Collapsing the lead arm.

I have covered this in previous articles; see my April 1999 golf tip, How To Stop Topping the Ball.

The left arm is straight at the address as in picture #4, and for the clubhead to reach the bottom of the arc at the same place as it was at the address, the arm needs to be straight at impact.

Preventing the thin shot


Here is a great drill to cure one or both of these problems at the same time.

Practice hitting pitch shots, stopping your backswing at about 9 o’clock and follow through to about 3 o’clock, concentrating on these two points.


1. Stay in the same spine angle through impact.


2. Keep the left arm straight throughout the entire shot, with absolutely no bending whatsoever!


By practicing this drill, you’ll feel where you need to be through the impact area in the full swing. Once you feel comfortable with the half swing, move to the full swing with the same thoughts and practice it until those thin shots are more infrequent. Getting rid of the thin shot now! It is a bold claim. I want to say until they disappear completely, but all golfers know that nothing disappears completely forever. :)

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – Preventing the Thin Shot – 1 Move!  See the link below to prevent the fat shot!

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