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A Ball Moved in a Bunker by Another Player - Rules & Etiquette #94.

Playing the Wet Bunker Shot.

Playing the Wet Bunker Shot.

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Monthly Golf Tip by Mel Sole.

This months tip request comes from Bob Clay of Ontario, who asks,

“How do you play the wet bunker shot?”

The Equipment.

The first aspect of this shot is to understand the function of both your sand wedge and lob wedge.

Playing the Wet Bunker Shot.

Bounce on your wedges will be affected by wet sand.

The sand wedge has a flange or “bounce” at the bottom of the club. In dry sand, this helps the club slide through the sand and not dig in. However, in wet sand, that same flange will cause the club to skid and bounce into the ball, causing you to “blade” the ball, and the resulting shot goes screaming across the green. However, the lob wedge does not have as much bounce and is far less likely to skid into the ball. 

The Method.

The correct method is to use your lob wedge. First, open the clubface slightly to take the leading edge out of play and then swing normally. The result will be a shallow divot, and the ball will come out with quite a bit of spin.

If you do not have a lob wedge, use your pitching wedge with the same technique.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – Playing the Wet Bunker Shot.  I hope this helps your game, Bob.

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