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Low and Slow - says Jack Nicklaus!

Low and Slow – says Jack Nicklaus!

Low and Slow – says Jack Nicklaus!

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

According to both Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, “The Takeaway” is the most important part of your golf swing:

“I agree entirely with Jack Nicklaus.  He believes that the most important part of the swing is the first 18 inches you move the club away from the ball.  The “takeaway,” as it is commonly known, sets the pattern for every motion that will follow.” — Greg Norman

How to Take it Low.

To get the feel of a low takeaway, put a tee in the ground about 2 feet behind the ball.  And slightly inside along the arc line.  As you hit balls with either your driver or irons, you want to clip the tee at the start of the backswing.  When hitting an iron, the ball will be in a little closer.

How to Take it Slow.

By taking it back low with the chest and not with the arms, the body will automatically move slower.  The big muscles of the back and chest will not only move slower but will create a HUGE coil at the top of the backswing because of the wide arc.

Combining the wide and slow backswing will allow you more time to get into that “hitting” position at the top.  Now it’s time to let go!

Thanks for watching Low and Slow says Jack!  I hope you start hitting the ball a lot further and start scoring a low lower!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching Low and Slow – says Jack Nicklaus! Who can argue with Jack!

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