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How to Stop a Reverse Pivot.

How to Stop a Reverse Pivot.

How to Stop a Reverse Pivot.

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School.

A prevalent cause of loss of power in the golf swing is a reverse pivot.  A reverse pivot occurs when the golfers’ weight moves onto the front foot during the backswing, causing the spine to tilt in the wrong direction.  The golfers’ attempt to “keep the head still” prevents a good shoulder turn and prevents the proper weight shift onto the back foot.

Focus on Two Key Points.

1. Make sure the hips stay still on the backswing.  Imagine that you are standing inside a barrel, and the hips do not touch either side of the barrel on the way back. With a good shoulder turn, this will create a tight feeling at the top of the backswing.  This is what we call “coil.”  This is a good thing and not bad.  As I’ve often said to my students, “If you feel comfortable at the top of the backswing, you are not in a good position.”


How to Stop a Reverse Pivot.


2. The sternum is directly over the back foot at the top of the backswing. Therefore, the majority of the weight is also on the back foot.  This position sets you up in an ideal position to start a powerful downswing.

How to Stop a Reverse Pivot.


Picture #1 shows me at the address, and picture #2 shows me at the top.  Note that the hips are in the same position in both pictures. (relative to the tree in the background.)

Also, note in picture #2 a line could be drawn down from my sternum to directly over my back foot.

You are now in an extremely powerful position and should feel “tight.”  This indicates that the correct windup has been achieved, and you are now ready to start the downswing.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – How to Stop a Reverse Pivot.  Work on that backswing!

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