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Deadly Sins in Chipping.

Deadly Sins in Chipping.

Deadly Sins in Chipping.

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Monthly Golf Tip by Mel Sole.

This month’s tip explains The Two Deadly Sins in Chipping.  This golf tip was a reply to Rosemary Conlin of Toronto, Ont. Canada who writes,

“Although I follow your 6-8-10 method of chipping, I often seem to come up either short or past my target – please help.”

I covered the basics of chipping and club selections for various chipping situations in an earlier golf tip.  However, for further clarification, I feel I need to stress two important factors :

1. Pace -When you make your practice swings, very aware of the pace at which you are swinging the club. When you execute, try to make sure it is at the same pace as the practice swings. Usually, I see the shot hit faster or slower than the practice swing, thus changing the speed at which the ball lands on the green. This, of course, produces a poor result.

2. Stay down – I know this has been said hundreds of times, but I see more chips spoiled by movement than any other reason. Keep your eye on the spot where the ball was after you have hit it. The best pro I have seen chipping is Greg Norman – he doesn’t move his head. Make sure you are in the same posture following the chip as you were at the address.

Work on these two important points along with the article, and I promise you, your chipping will improve.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – Deadly Sins in Chipping.  Now go and practice!

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