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Ball on the Edge of the Bunker.

Ball on the Edge of the Bunker.

Ball on the Edge of the Bunker. 

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Monthly Golf Tips by Mel Sole Golf School.

About two weeks ago, while I was watching the D+D Masters in Prague, Czech Republic.  I saw Padraig Harrington has a similar lie to what we are discussing right here.  As he set up to the ball, I noticed that his club was close to the ground, and I said to my wife that I thought he would hit this shot fat.  Well, he did just that, and my wife asked how I knew?  Easy, I said, he had the club bottomed out in the wrong place. First, when the ball is higher than the ground you are standing on unless you grip the club short, you will hit it fat.  Secondly, because the ball was above his back foot, he needed to hit up on the ball, losing some distance.

The Method.

Make sure when the all is in this situation that 1. You grip the club at least 1″ short, maybe slightly more. To counter that, you need to take one extra club. And 2. Because you are hitting up on the ball, take one more club. So a total of two extra clubs to pull this shot off successfully.

By paying attention to these two factors, you will hit a successful shot the next time you face this shot!

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Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Ball on the Edge of the Bunker.  Pay attention to this one!

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