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6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke.

6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke.

6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke.

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

In this month’s Mel in Motion video golf tip, Mel describes a 6-week putting drill to develop a repeatable, square to the square putting stroke. 6 Weeks might seem like a long time to the impatient golfer, but it’s worth it–have a look for yourself and let Mel know what you think!

Why this drill?

To develop a putting stroke that can deliver the putter face square at impact every time, you need to teach yourself how to do this.  This 6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke will change the way you putt.

The putting stroke has two motions.  Putter head path and putter face angle.  The putter face angle is by far the most important.  This drill will teach you to keep the putter face square throughout the stroke. Thus, allowing you to hit the ball on the line you pick every time.  Now, you still have to read the green correctly, and you still have to hit it with the right strength.  These two skills will be covered in a later video.

The Method.

As I mentioned before, this is a 6-week drill, so be patient and don’t try and rush this.  You are training your subconscious to have a great putting stroke for the rest of your life.  6 weeks is worth it!

Week 1.

Take a yardstick or an alignment stick that has some distance makings on it.  Place the ball a few inches from the yardstick so that the putter’s toe is almost touching it.  Get into your putting posture. Now without any backstroke and a ball, push the putter through about 12 inches.  There are two keys here. First, keep the toe of the putter close to the stick and keep the putter’s face perfectly perpendicular to the stick.  Hold your follow-through each time to check this. Make corrections as you go through this drill.  The putter face must remain square at all times. Do this once a day for a week.  About 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Week 2.

Almost the same drill.  This time place the putter head about 6 inches behind your starting point. (where the ball would normally be) and push the putter through about 12 inches past the ball position point.  As same as week 1, you are trying to keep the putter’s toe along with the stick and the putter’s face perpendicular to the stick at all times.  Again, hold the follow-through to check on this.

Week 3.

Start at the ball position (still without a ball) and now try and create a smooth putting stroke.  Swing the putter about 6 inches back and 12 inches through.  Whatever our distance is on the backswing, the follow-through must be twice that distance.  Again, the focus is on swinging the putter head along with the alignment stick and keeping the face perfectly square at all times.

Week 4, 5, and 6.

Week 4, 5, and 6 are the same as weeks 1, 2, and 3 but now include a ball.

6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke has been completed.  You have ingrained a perfect putting motion into your subconscious, and when you go out onto the course will be able to hit the ball on the line you pick every time.  

Look out for the videos on “How to develop feel on long putts” and “How to read greens.”  This will make you an all-around great putter!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – 6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke.  This drill completely changed my putting!

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