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Your First Trip to Scotland.

Your Very First Trip to Scotland.

6 Things you Need to Know on Your Vey First Trip to Scotland.

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One of the highlights of my year is that I organize a group trip to either Scotland, Ireland, or South Africa in August of each year. I recently took a group to Scotland, and for all of them, it was their first trip over.   Although they all said it was a trip of a lifetime, most of them also agreed with what Craig Better from golfvacationinsider.com has so accurately described below.  I came to find out the hard way. Any obstacle can be overcome if you plan.

Your First Trip to Scotland

The Swilcan Bridge, St Andrews Old Course.

Have you ever taken a golf trip “across the pond?” Do you remember “discovering” some things you wish you would have known in advance?   

Jet Lag.

Most flights from North America are overnighters.  During which you get little sleep (but sometimes lots of alcohol), so when you step off the plane early the next morning, your every instinct is to put your head in a bed. Advice I’d give a first timer: Don’t do it. Instead, take the latest flight you can and do whatever possible to sleep on the plane. But even if you can’t, just land then go play golf. The faster you get on local time, the better.

Rental Cars.

Again, while you are in need of sleep, you’ll can expect to drive a stick-shift vehicle on the opposite side of the road. (while sitting on the right-hand side and operating the stick with your left hand). Oh, and if you’re head isn’t already mixed up enough, you’ll usually have to navigate a traffic circle, or “roundabout,” within five minutes. Advice I’d give a first timer: Hire a driver, which is quite common over there. If you insist on driving, at least request an automatic transmission. And, get a mini van (or pack light). The rental cars tend to be quite small for groups with golf clubs.

Practice Facilities.

OK, so you’re less than alert and not ready for golf, but it’s nothing a few range balls can’t fix. Well, that’s a problem, too. While there are a few exceptions.  You’re generally not going to find a practice range (or a conveniently located one) at the great, classic links courses in the UK and Ireland. Advice I’d give a first timer: Do some light stretching before you tee off and concentrate on just keeping your ball out of trouble for the first few holes. 

Kingsbarns Golf - Mel Sole Golf

Kingsbarnes Golf Club
Photo by Brian Morgan

To see the other 3 things you need to know when playing Scotland and Ireland for the first time, go here!

Thank you for reading – Your Very First Trip to Scotland.  I hope you’ll join me on one of my hosted excursions!  See here for details.

Source: Golf Vacation Insider       Craig Better   Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: Gregory Stewart  Brett Chisum Brian Morgan

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