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Which is the best putting grip for you - Short Game Saturday #94

Which is the best putting grip for you – Short Game Saturday #94

Which is the best putting grip for you – Short Game Saturday #94

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This is a question for which there is no definitive answer.  There are as many putting grips as there are golfers on the PGA and LPGA Tours. The key is that their grip works for them!  Here are a few suggestions.

Standard Grip:

This has the index finger of the upper hand extended down over the fingers of the lower hand.  This is used by quite a few players and the index finger helps keep the wrist of the upper hand from breaking down through the stroke.


The has the lead hand at the bottom and the rear hand on top.  Used by myself, Jordan Spieth, Annika Sorenstam and several others.

Pencil Grip:

This has the index finger and thumb of the lower hand gently holding the putter.  The upper hand has a normal grip.  This reduces the activity of the lower hand and also helps the lower hand from getting involved in the putting stroke.  A good grip for those who have the yips!

Saw Grip:

This uses the four fingers of the lower hand placed on the putter grip as if you were sawing wood.  Similar to the pencil grip, this eliminates any activity of the lower hand in the putting stroke.  Mark O’Meara won the Masters using this grip after struggling with the yips.

Go to the putting green and experiment!  Try four or five different grips on the practice green, choose one and play your next two or three rounds using that grip.  If you do not putt well, go back to the putting green and try something different.  Once you have found a grip that works for you, try and stay with that grip for as long as you can.  I have been using the cross-handed or left-hand-low putting grip for about 10 years now.  If I have a poor putting day, that’s all it is, a poor putting day.  I don’t go out and try and change anything.  The only time I would do that is if I had four or five bad putting rounds in a row.  At that time I would usually video my putting stroke to see what the problem was.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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