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When can you replay a shot on the golf course - Rules & Etiquette #104.

When can you replay a shot on the golf course – Rules & Etiquette #104.

When can you replay a shot on the golf course – Rules & Etiquette #104.

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This situation happened while I was playing on the South African Sunshine Tour between 1969 and 1979.  A British player by the name of Tommy Horton had looked away before he played his shot.  The caddie, thinking he heard Tommy say, “Take it out,”  pulled the flag and walked several feet away. Tommy turned around, saw where the caddie was standing, held the flag, and put it towards the flag. 

When he noticed that the flag was not in the hole, he lost it!  Mad is an understatement.  He felt he was entitled to play the shot over again.  But my question to you for this week is, “When can a player request to replay a shot on the golf course?” The player felt he was misled as to where the flag was located.  I have not heard many rules that allow a player to reply a shot on the golf course, but is this one of them?

What can you win?

Send the answer to When can you replay a shot on the golf course? To melsolegolf@gmail.com to win a one-hour lesson at the Mel Sole Golf School in SC, NC, or NY.  Email is the only legitimate form of entry.  Good Luck!

This is the last Rules and Etiquette segment for quite a while. The winner of this week’s quiz will be announced on Monday Rewind #105 on Monday 10th September. 

Thanks to all who participated in this Rules & Etiquette segment, and I hope you learned something along the way.

Last Week’s Quiz.

Player A and player B were playing a match.  Player C and player D also played a match but had nothing to do with A & B’s match.  As player A was getting ready to play a chip shot onto the green, player B noticed that player C’s ball was close to the hole and asked player C to mark his ball. Player C asked if he had to do that under the rules?

So my question is, “Does player C have to mark his ball, and can he refuse to do that.” 

The Correct Answer.

Yes, player B is entitled to ask player c to mark his ball.

Last Week’s Winner.

Congrats to Glenn Wisse of New Philadelphia, OH, for the correct answer. This would fall under rule 22-1. It states ANY OTHER PLAYER, so yes, the player would be required to lift his ball IF the request has been made.
The penalty for Breach of Rule:
Match Play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes.
Congrats Glenn, this is your fourth win in the rules series!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – When can you replay a shot on the golf course – Rules & Etiquette #104.

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