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What it takes to be a good wedge player!

What it takes to be a good wedge player!

What it takes to be a good wedge player!  Learn it right here!

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Sir Nick Faldo was one of the best wedge players on tour when he was playing competitively.  One of the things he stresses that made him that good was visualization!  If you don’t have a clear picture in your head of what you are about to do, how will the body produce it?  So, as Sir Nick says, “See it, Feel it, Believe it!”  Thanks to SwingpalAcademy for sharing!

Looking to improve your wedge shots? Sir Nick explains why visualizing your shot is so important. He says it’s the best tip he has ever received. Hopefully it will help your game.

See it.

Amateurs don’t realize how powerful visualization really is.  So the first step is to see the shot in your mind’s eye.  If you don’t have an idea of what type of shot you’re going to hit, you have no chance of success.

Feel it.

By rehearsing the shot you have in your mind’s eye, you are now connecting your vision with your feelings!

Believe it.

The final step is trust.  If there is no trust, you are likely to fail! So how do you develop trust?  Practice!  If your body knows how to hit the shot, you know what the shot should feel like, and you have a clear image in your mind of the ball flight, then success is inevitable.

Source: SwingpalAcademy  Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – What it takes to be a good wedge player!  I hope you do!

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