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Weight Shift & Extension - Technical Thursday #55.

Weight Shift & Extension – Technical Thursday #55.

Weight Shift & Extension – Technical Thursday #55.

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Today we address the age-old problems of weight shift and extension.  Both important for good ball striking.  Here is a straightforward drill to give you an idea of what this motion should feel like.  Check it out!

With so many of my students struggling with weight shift problems and not really understanding exactly how this occurs, I came up with this drill I call The Clap drill.

The Drill.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended out to your side. Palms are perpendicular to the ground. Now try and put the palm of your rear hand onto the palm of your front hand (which must not move) without moving your hips.  You will quickly see that it is impossible.  Now try and do it again, this time allowing the hips to rotate and move the weight onto the front foot.  It is effortless.  So stand in your living room and clap your hands over and over, allowing the hips to finish facing forward and the toe of the back foot up on tiptoe and no weight on the back foot at all.  In fact, you should be able to pick up your back foot and not lose your balance.

The Next Step.

The next step will be to put a club in the rear hand, and the hand placed exactly where the club would be in a normal golf grip.  Try and swing the club through, gently brushing the grass and putting the club into the extended front hand.  After that, put both hands on the club and try and repeat.  You will have the start of a good weight shift and extension.

Last Step.

Take this motion to the range and start hitting balls.  Gently at first, getting the feel, and then slowly add speed.  You should notice a big difference in the strike and the distance.

Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Weight Shift & Extension – Technical Thursday #55.

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