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Try the Putting Mirror for Posture - Training Aid Tuesday #85..

Try the Putting Mirror for Posture – Training Aid Tuesday #85.

Try the Putting Mirror for Posture – Training Aid Tuesday #85.

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The Putting Mirror is one of three items every golfer should have in their golf bag.  Alongside alignment sticks and a rangefinder, these items will help you shoot lower scores.

I use the mirror a lot when I practice my putting.  It helps me in several ways.  It makes sure my eyes are always in the same spot, so it creates a consistent posture.  When I go on the course, my body will revert to that posture, and so even without the putting mirror on the course, my eyes are in the right spot.  It also helps me with alignment.  My putter face is always square to the red line that runs at 90 degrees to my intended line, which teaches me how to aim correctly consistently.

How to use the Putting Mirror.

Put the putting mirror on the ground aimed towards the hole.  Hit a few putts to test and see that it is aimed correctly.  Move the putting mirror slightly to the left or right until the ball goes in the hole every time.  Then place two tees in the holes to keep the mirror secure.  These tees also act as a gate to see that you are hitting the putt in the middle of the putter face for a consistent roll.

Make sure your eyes are directly over the black line on the mirror. Now hit putts until you can hole 20 or 30 in a row.  This will help confirm to you that you have a good putting stroke.  When you go onto the course, you will have much more confidence in your ability to putt well!

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Thanks for watching – Try the Putting Mirror for Posture – Training Aid Tuesday #85.

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