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Totally Commit to your Shot - Technical Thursday #80

Totally Commit to your Shot – Technical Thursday #80

Totally Commit to your Shot – Technical Thursday #80

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If you don’t commit to your shot before you play it, you definitely have less chance of success.  It is imperative to have both a clear picture in your mind of the shot you are about to play and also have the feel for how you are going to swing the club to produce that shot.  A practice swing before you hit the ball allows you to achieve this.

The Pre-Shot routine.

Start off by asking yourself  “Where do I not want to go.”  Some people think this is a negative question.  It is only a negative question if it is the last thought in your head.  You want it to be the first one.  Then decide exactly what type of shot you want to hit having taken into account the wind, the elevation, and the lie, etc.  This information should be attained before you choose the club you are going to hit.  Once you have selected the club, go back behind the ball and do your practice swing, making it an exact mirror image of the shot you want to play.   

Finally, pick an intermediate target between yourself and the hole (I usually pick something about 12 to 18 inches in front of my ball) walk in and aim our clubface to this spot.  Then aim yourself parallel to that line.  Then go ahead and make your shot without any thought of the outcome.  THAT is committing to your shot!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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