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Top 25 Viral Golf Videos #19, #20 #21.

Top 25 Viral Golf Videos #19 #20 #21.

Top 25 Viral Golf Videos #19, #20 #21.

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I remember to this day, Gary Player giving me a ball at Kensington Golf Club after he had holed out his second shot and the par 4 4th.  I kept that ball for years, and somewhere in my various moves throughout my life, it went missing.  But the thrill of getting the ball from the great Gary Player was awesome!  The look on this kid’s face after Rory McIlroy gives him a ball sums it all up!  Here are Viral Golf Videos #20, 21 and 22.  Come back tomorrow to see the next 3.

19. Rory makes a kid’s day week year.

And one last adorable kid. This time, it’s a fan at a tournament who can’t contain his excitement after Rory McIlroy gives him a golf ball.

20. Man falls through the pro shop ceiling.

We never got many details on this incident, but it didn’t matter. A man fell through the ceiling of a pro shop, and everyone barely reacted. It’s clips like these that remind us how lucky we are to have YouTube in our lives.


21. The “Mini-Masters.”

Yes, this video contains clips from the 2013 Masters, but it came out in 2014. It also makes us laugh out loud every time we watch it. The overlaying of actual highlights. The actual commentary by CBS’ announcers. The transposing of mini-golf elements on sacred Augusta National. Just brilliant.

Source: PGA Tour   alex cob   Simon Connor Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Top 25 Viral Golf Videos #19, #20 #21.  I hope you are enjoying the video series.

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