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The Quest for More Distance - Technical Thursday #82

The Quest for More Distance – Technical Thursday #82

The Quest for More Distance – Technical Thursday #82

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Every golfer on the planet wants more distance.  Even the person who won the World Long Drive Competition in Las Vegas is now on the practice tee working on his swing trying to get more distance for 2019.  Why?  Because all of his competitors are doing the exact same thing!  The Quest for more Distance lives in all of us golfers!

We all have an obsession with hitting the ball further and I am no exception.  I had reverse shoulder replacement surgery in August of 2017. I have been working diligently ever since on getting my mobility, range of motion and strength back to a point where I can hit the ball even further than before I had the surgery.

Enter Super Speed Sticks.

And the reason for this?  Super Speed Sticks! I was approached in May of 2017 be a representative for SuperSpeed Sticks. He proved to me that this was a way to increase clubhead speed and thus increase distance.  I think in part, the use of the Speed Sticks added to the demise of my previously injured shoulder. However, it finally led me to finally commit to the necessary surgery.  

Three months after the surgery, I started back with the speed sticks. (much to the dismay of my wife) I totally believed in the concept and I have been moving from strength to strength ever since!

Today, in our Launch Monitor test I show that I have increased my distance by 30 yards in the last month and my goal of 280 yards total distance is not a dream but a lot closer to reality! At 70 years old I am proving that age is just a number and the quest for more distance is stronger than ever!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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